Europsiktiki Design provides high quality design and construction services of modern solutions, as well as high aesthetics and latest technology solutions for professional foodservice businesses, bakeries, confectioneries, snack-cafes, bars, gelatterie, super markets, restaurants and modern hotels.

Europsiktiki Design was founded in 1998 in Greece, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Our new ultramodern facilities – an area of 4,500 sq.m. – are set to meet the rising market demands, as well as the increase of the integrated production systems, by extending our activities into new markets on a global scale.

Behind every project there is a team of people. The aesthetics, safety and functionality of each project is a unique process, designed from beginning to end exactly as you envisioned it, aiming to provide your client with the ultimate experience.

Our skilled and experienced team is composed of architects, decorators, engineers, electricians, refrigeration experts, craftsmen, inox and corian specialists, who all share common goals and values.